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7 Ways to Save on a Cruise Holiday

Cruise holidays have been growing in popularity over the last few years. 2018 saw more than 28 million people take a cruise, which is more people setting sail than ever before. Cruises make an attractive travel option for their laidback itineraries and the all-inclusive nature of cruising. Accommodation, meals, entertainment and the on-board facilities are […]

Royal Caribbean – Global WOW Sale – Sept 2019

The Royal Caribbean Global WOW Sale is now on. This special offer is valid for booking made: 10am (AEST) 25 Sep 2019 – 5pm (AEST) 1 Oct 2019 (inclusive). Included in this sale are the following offers: up to 30% off every guest Free Balcony Upgrades on selected sailings Up to $300 USD to spend […]

Travel Guide to Auckland

The home of endless natural beauty, and a key filming location for the huge blockbuster series the Lord of the Rings, New Zealand has it all. One of its most notable cities, Auckland, is known as “the city of sails’ as it is located on a peninsula between two harbors. With the most boats per […]

Travel Guide to Istanbul

An eclectic mix of different cultures, and sitting between the continents of Europe and Asia, sharing characteristics of both, Istanbul is a fascinating, yet perhaps overlooked destination. Having been ruled by many civilizations throughout its rich history, there remains sings of each in the melting pot city of Istanbul. From Greek and Roman to Byzantine […]

Travel Guide to Bali

Full of hidden treasures like the mysterious temples and the sacred monkey forest, Bali is an island with a lot to offer. Stunning beaches is parr for the course on the island of Bali, along with incredible volcanic terrain, rice paddies and exotic coral reefs. The ultimate destination for a relaxing holiday, the island is […]

Travel Guide to Rio De Janeiro

Cruise goers who have their stopovers or a departure beginning in South America’s capital of fun, Rio, are going to have a complete blast when it’s time to take in the city’s sites and attractions. There’s nothing quite like Rio in that it’s perched right on the edge of the rolling mountains. Rio De Janeiro […]

Travel Guide to Los Angeles

Cruises ships arrive and depart Los Angeles from the Long Beach cruise terminal. If you’re fortunate enough to be making it to Los Angeles during your cruise or have an excellent stopover before your cruise departs, then you’re in luck when it comes to attractions! The entertainment capital of the world has plenty to offer, […]

Travel Guide to Buenos Aires

If you have the opportunity to make the Argentinian capital your cruise departure point this season or find your cruise is terminating here, there’s a swathe of incredible attractions that are going to ensure the fun keeps on coming! For those architecture lovers, Buenos Aires is the best of the best, with its seamless blend of […]

Travel Guide to Barcelona

If you’re planning on a cruise to or from Spain’s second largest city this year, then you’re certainly in luck when it comes to attractions! For those with an entire week or just a few days to spare, there’s plenty of action-packed and family-friendly activities in Barcelona waiting for you. Whether you’re a lover of […]

Travel Guide to Amalfi Coast

It’s an absolute blessing finding yourself on the sunny Amalfi Coast for a cruise, and whether you’re stopping over, departing or have your cruise terminating here, we have the absolute best attractions for you below. Spotlighted in countless Hollywood films, the Amalfi Coast is ready to display some of the best landscapes and architecture in Italy, […]