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Cruise guide to Santorini, Greece

One of the most popular Greek islands, Santorini is visited by more than 2 million tourists every year. The likes of BBC and Travel + Leisure Magazine have named Santorini one of the world’s best travel destinations, so it should definitely be part of your Mediterranean cruise holiday. The island is famous for its Greco-Roman […]

Cruise Guide to Rome, Italy

If you’re lucky enough to call the Eternal City your stopover location on your summer Mediterranean cruise this year, then there are some incredible attractions you absolutely must see. Whether you’re an architectural nut or a lover of fine foods, there is plenty to do in Rome, even if you only have the day! With […]

Cruise Guide to Athens, Greece

Athens, the metropolis of Greece. Athens truly is a captivating and appealing city! Athens is the capital city of Greece and home to 3.1 million people. Located in the centre of Attica region in the Aegean sea, Athens definitely is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities. It isn’t only famous for its culture, food, […]