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P&O Australia - Dark Mofo cruise Tasmania

The Dark Mofo Cruise is one of P&O’s most exhilarating cruises of the year. It’s a 6-night cruise from Sydney down to Hobart during one of the most famous Tasmanian festivals, Dark Mofo. It’s one of the most popular art festivals in the state and possibly in the country! It celebrates Hobart’s amazing art scene on the longest night of the year, with public art playgrounds and delicious gourmet feasts.

What is Dark Mofo?

The cruise itself lasts 6 nights and gives travellers an awesome round-trip voyage from Sydney to Hobart on P&O’s awesome 266m long Pacific Explorer vessel. The festival itself draws crowds of almost 450,000 people and is packed with plenty of live music, art shows, food, light shows and more! Spread over 10 nights, the festival is sure to give attendees plenty to do.

One of the biggest highlights of the festival is the one-of-a-kind medieval-banquet! It’s set out at a huge communal table and is one of the most eccentric and unique experiences you’ll have at a dinner in possibly your whole life. There’s a huge fire pit at the banquet and you’ll be right up close to the live music. Oh and guess what? Your P&O cruise fare will give you a one-night Priority Pass to the event! That means entry is included!

Festival-goers will also find the alluring Dark Park. An awesome public art playground lit up with neon lights that will guide you throughout the art installations in the park. There’s also plenty of music and displays on show within the park too.

Finally, if you do go to Dark Mofo on a P&O Cruise or otherwise, you have to take the time to visit the Mona art collection. Touted as a ‘subversive adult Disneyland’ by its owner, the art collection has some of the most controversial pieces in the world. The easiest way to get there is by ferry, so, of course, this is included in your P&O fare too.

What’s the Itinerary?

This is where things get rather exciting! The cruise itinerary is spread across 6 nights of which 3 days and 2 nights will be spent in Hobart. You’ll also find that your P&O fare covers just about everything you’d want it to, like the ferry to Mona, the entry fee to Dark Mofo and a Priority Pass. Keep in mind that food and drinks are charged separately though.

The best part of all is the atmosphere. You’ll be aboard one of Australia’s favourite cruise ships filled with hundreds or even thousands of likeminded people heading off to one of the country’s biggest and best nighttime festivals. There are plenty of fun activities aboard for both groups and singles so no matter what type of traveller you are, you’ll be totally comfortable.

The Pacific Explorer Vessel

The vessel you’ll be travelling on for two whole nights is one of Australia’s favourites! Boasting 11 guest decks and stretching over 260m long, the Pacific Explorer is one of the best from the P&O Australia cruise ship fleet. There’s room for over 1,900 guests and plenty of fun activities to take part in.

Cruise goers will find 12 individual dining experiences as well as zip lining, bowling, rock climbing and even bars and pubs! All of these features are complemented by P&Os modern interior designs, keeping you comfortable at all times.

So, what are you waiting for? Take celebrating the winter solstice to a whole new level and spend the longest night of the year at one of the country’s most lively and art-filled events. Enjoy plenty of food, music, art and the amazing atmosphere.

If you’re as hyped as we are, check our travel dates and booking information below.

Author: Alison Campbell

Post Date: 17th August 2018

Categories: P&O Cruises