Cruise Guide to Nice, France

As the second-largest French city along the Mediterranean coast and the seventh most populated urban area in all of France, Nice is a popular spot for Mediterranean cruises to visit, particularly in the summer months. As a portion of the French Riviera, many artists and English aristocrats have taken to staying here during harsh winters for the clear air and gentle lighting.

Facts About Nice

In the late 18th century, many upper-class English men and women who were tired of snow and cold would come to Nice for the winter to avoid the freezing temperatures. The main promenade on the coast on the area was flooded with so many English travelers that it was eventually named after them. Known as the Promenade Des Anglais, or promenade of the English, this resort became a spot that housed famous artists like Henri Matisse and Arman. Nice also offers hotel stays to the highest number of tourists in the country with about four million every year.

Cruise Lines visiting Nice

With the French Riviera being a top choice for many couples and families to travel to, its no wonder that there are multiple cruises that offer stops in Nice as one of their main attractions. Cruise lines include Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival, Disney, Windstar, and Azamara cruises all make sure to stop in Nice. Although each of these cruises stops in Nice, they dock at the Villefranche Port, which is about 5 kilometers from to Nice and offers buses and taxis to take you there. Some cruise lines may also have free shuttle bus services that will take you into town.

Things to See and Do in Nice

The French Riviera is a picturesque scene at all times of the year, and with many tourists and world travelers coming to see what this city has, there are lots of activities you can do while you are here for your cruise-ship stop.

The Very Best of the French Riviera Tour

Seeing the best places in all of the French Riviera is an incredible way to spend your vacation, and with one tour you will get to do just that. You will meet your guide at your cruise ship port and be driven straight into Nice’s Old Town where you can walk through the palm tree-lined streets and do some window shopping at the local shops. You will then head to Eze, which is Nice’s medieval village complete with stone buildings and walkways. Finally, you will be taken to Monaco where you are able to visit the high ends stores and luxury vehicles driving on every road. This tour is around eight hours for a whole day trip and will drop you off at your port.

French Riviera in an Antique Car

Looking for a way to feel dapper while on your tour in the French Riviera, then getting into a beautifully kept antique car. This tour offers the chance to take a private ride in a Vintage French Citroen Traction Avant on your way into town. With stops on the way in Monaco and Eze Village, you can pull up to your stop in style and walk through the rich streets of Monaco like the millionaires who stay there or walk up the stone pathways to the medieval village of Eze. Then, you will get dropped off at your cruise port. This tour takes four hours of time and offers two cars that can hold up to 6 people. It should be noted that these cars are not handicap accessible.

French Riviera Wine Tours with Free Time in Nice

You can’t be in France, let alone the French Riviera, without having a few glasses of wine. So, for the adults of the group, you can take a wine tour of the French Riviera that will also give you some time to spend walking around Nice. This tour will take you to two different wineries and offer tastings of local selections and recent recipes for a chance to taste the newest offerings. With a guide, you will get information about the wineries, and the city of Nice, as you travel and see the city. With an hour and a half lunchtime in downtown Nice, you will have time to walk around and stop in local cafes or bakeries for some tasty treats to take with you. This tour takes five hours to complete and can accommodate up to eight people.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour

Want to take in the sights of the wildlife and sea creatures in France, then book a whale or dolphin watching tour for your Nice cruise. With a fast pick up at the ship port, you will get on a smaller boat that will take you out into the sea with a guide that will stop and narrate whenever they spot a whale or dolphin. These boat tours will allow you to see the sea creatures up close, with some coming right up next to the boat, and offers a great place to take photos. Although each tour will see a varying number of animals, the guides will know which areas to stay in to see them so you will get to see as many as possible. Each tour is about two hours and will drop you off back at the cruise ship port.

Nice’s Historical Building Tours

With France’s architecture and history both having exciting stories and landmarks to show for them, you can get a tour of Nice to see all the best and biggest structures and learn the history behind each one. This tour will make five stops, which are at the vantage point at Mont Boron for a great view of the city to start, Nice’s Old Town with older shops and eateries, the famous Russian church, and the Matisse Museum. You will be transported through the town in a van for maximum comfort but will have walking tours at each stop. This tour is just over four hours in total and will pick you up and drop you off directly at the cruise ship port.

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Post Date: 28th January 2020

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