Pacific Explorer - Dining (Complimentary)

Waterfront Restaurant

Dinner with a view! Technically all of our restaurants are on the waterfront, but you get the idea. With over 40 a la carte menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this modern Australian restaurant serves up a sophisticated selection of both classic dishes and cutting edge cuisine. Plus you can keep the kids happy with our mini menu. Offering a huge choice of menu options that are both nutritious and sure to please, the kids specials menu changes daily, so even the fussiest eaters will find something they'll love. The Waterfront restaurant is available on all P&O ships and is open for breakfast and dinner every day and lunch most days.

P&O Pacific Explorer - Waterfront Restaurant


Live la dolce vita. When it comes to food, Italians sure are passionate. The chefs at Angelo's are no different.From the first bite to the last mouthful, the menu at Angelo's is Italian food done the right way. Think soul warming traditional dishes with a delicious modern twist. Surrounded by images of Latin legends captured by one of Italy's most famous photographers, Angelo Frontoni, the restaurant is the perfect setting to enjoy la dolce vita as you indulge in a meal to remember.

Good food takes time, so that's why Angelo's is open for dinner only. Book a table and the chefs will spend the day preparing your set menu so you can spend the day dreaming of a feast shared with loved ones, new friends and old favourites. Only available on Pacific Aria, Pacific Eden and Pacific Explorer.

P&O Pacific Explorer - Angelo's

The Pantry

Our food court-style restaurant (Bye Bye Buffet) brings you a wealth of culinary creations from the best variety of international cuisine to creature comfort, modern Australian favourites. With menus changing daily, from the adventurous to family favourites, there’s something for everyone!

Curry House:

Taste the flavours of the world's most exotic places at Curry House, a smorgasbord of classic curry flavours and authentic dishes.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Curry House


Mexican tacos filled with favorites like homemade salsas and pickles, chili, guacamole, fresh lime and cheese. Yes please!

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Mexicana

Kettle & Bun

Kettle & Bun is serving up freshly baked bread, expertly crafted sandwiches, great tasting salads and mouth-watering soups.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Kettle & Bun

Sugar Bar

Indulge in a sweet selection of perfectly baked cakes, flaky buttery pastries and delightful individual desserts at Sugar Bar.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Sugar Bar

Hook's Fish & Chips

The local fish and chip shop, serving up crispy battered fish and hot chips with the perfect amount of crunch.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Hook's Fish & Chips


Stir-fries, sizzling noodles and soups. Indulge your passion for Asia's finest cuisines with the intriguing menu at Stix.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Stix

Fat Cow

Vegetarians beware. At Fat Cow we're serving up the finest cuts possible to send meat lovers into a flutter.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Fat Cow

McGregor's Garden

Make friends with salad at McGregor's - serving up a selection of fresh salads that change daily.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - McGregor's Garden

Nic & Toni's

Serving Mediterranean dining options with fresh seafood and pasta dishes.

P&O Pacific Explorer - The Pantry - Nic & Toni's