Coral Expeditions Opens Bookings for New Ship

Coral Adventurer -

Coral Expeditions has opened bookings for its new ship, the Coral Adventurer. Australia’s ground-breaking cruise-line’s most recent addition will set sail on a series of maiden voyages themed around being “In the trail of the Tasman”. These itineraries will retrace historic explorations of the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who was the first person to map the coastlines of New Zealand, New Guinea and Northern Australia in the seventeenth century. The themed voyages have been created to showcase the expedition abilities of the Coral Adventurer, which has been designed and built to take guests to remote and inaccessible areas that larger or less capable ships cannot reach.

The first voyage for the 120-passenger ship will be a 17-night cruise, starting in Singapore on 24th April 2019, and ending in Darwin, Australia. Whilst on the Tasman trail, guests aboard the Coral Adventurer will disembark onto Anak Krakatau, the famous volcanic island in the middle of the ocean in the Sunda Straits. This will be accomplished using the ship’s trademark ‘Xplorer’ tender mechanism. Other exciting stops include Komodo Island, home to the famous dragon-like lizard, and Pulau Alor, a place renowned for its snorkelling. Coral Expeditions promises that the impressive route’s combination of wildlife, history and marine activity makes it a totally unique journey.

After Coral Adventurer’s inaugural voyage is complete, the ship will set sail on two further 11 night cruises. Both will depart from Darwin in May 2019 and will follow the trail of Tasman into the Gulf of Carpentaria, New Guinea, the Spice Islands, and the Kimberley coast. She will then sail in the regular Kimberly season between Broome and Darwin; a route which Coral Expeditions has been operating for 24 years.

The 34-year-old company runs a fleet of three small ships which host over 5,000 travellers per year. Coral Expeditions were the first cruise-line to offer guest lecturers, marine biologists and scuba instructors on its voyages, which is a tradition that continues to this day.

Coral Adventure was built in Norway by experts in creating vessels for harsh seas and inhospitable environments. Combining Australian style with rugged practicality, the ship has more than 100 sq m of open deck space, and most rooms have private balconies. The navigator lounge in the bridge provides guests with a spectacular vantage point of the ship’s operations, and the lecture lounge and on-board library gives passengers an opportunity to learn about the ship’s historic route.

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Post Date: 11th November 2017

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