Why Choose an Inside Cabin?

You’re probably thinking, why would I spend my cruise locked up in a miniature inside cabin with no windows or balcony… Well, there are a few great reasons to choose an inside cabin – and there are plenty of inside cabins aboard some of our favourite cruise ships.

So, take a look below and we might just convince you why choosing an inside cabin is a great idea!

Deals. Deals. Deals!

The most obvious reason for choosing an inside cabin is the price. You can get onboard some of the worlds biggest and most feature-packed ships for only a fraction of the price of an ocean view ticket, and you don’t even miss out on anything in the ship.

Some P&O Australia inside cabins can be snatched for just $50 per person, per night, and that’s a deal you won’t find anywhere else on the ship. The best part though is that your fare (even if it is hundreds or even thousands cheaper than other fares) will still include all of your entertainment, food in the buffets and access to rides and all of the other activities on board. You are still a passenger aboard the ship after all.

An inside cabin is your best bet at getting abroad some of the worlds biggest and most opulent ships for just a fraction of the cost.

You’re Not in the Cabin a Lot

If you’ve already been on a cruise before you’ll know this. During the day, and even most of the evening you’ll find yourself out and about exploring the ship and having fun. There’s so much to do onboard that you’ll only really find yourself spending a lot of time in your cabin to wind down at the end of the day, or to sleep.

A lot of inside cabins also have great amenities and views too, so, the time you’re actually in the cabin will still be fun. On Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas you’ll still have a massive floor-to-ceiling virtual window, or if you choose the Promenade, you’ll have a central park view – more about this later.

You Don’t Want to See the Sea

This is one of personal preference, but there are two common reasons behind people choosing inside cabins for comfort: sleeping is difficult with light outside, and a constant view of the sea is a little disconcerting.

An inside cabin will be entirely pitch black when you turn the lights off, and that means you’ll be able to sleep far better and there’s no chance of the sun creeping in through the curtains to wake you up early during your holiday. The interior cabins, with no windows, or promenade views will also mean that those who don’t particularly like staring at the ocean can still relax and have a great time aboard the ship.

More Spending Money

If you’re on a budget, or simply don’t want to splurge on a cabin, then an inside cabin is the perfect option for you. You’ll possibly be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars which can be put to other awesome activities and fun on the ship. That means more spa days, going on rides, getting more food and even extra things to do when you’re docked at an exotic location.

You might even want some extra money left in your pocket for wine and nibbles or to spend at the casino! Truly, an inside cabin is a godsend for budget travellers and will leave you with plenty of money still in your pocket.

The Best View Might not be The Ocean

This one might come as a surprise if you’ve not travelled onboard a cruise ship before, but some of the best views might be arguably the awesome promenades like the one on Royal Caribbean’s vessels. With Promenade-view rooms you’ll get a view of central park, the rows of stores and even the Royal Promenade Shopping Mall if you’re on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Other cruise lines have differing interior views which could be via a virtual balcony or even smaller virtual portholes which are still extremely realistic and give you a live view of outside the ship. On Carnival some interior cabins even have real portholes for you to look outside, so really, you’re not always cut off from the rest of the ship.

You’re Doing a Solo Cruise

If you’re going on your cruise alone and don’t want to pick up the extra slack from two tickets, then most interior cabins will be perfect. These will typically be studio cabins and only require one passenger and therefore will save you a lot of money on fares.

There are a few lines that have balconies and sea views, like Norwegian Cruises, though most of these are difficult to get your hands on. Royal Caribbean, of course, has plenty of interior solo cabins too. So you’ll be in good hands on the big cruise lines.

You Prefer Untraditional Cabins

You might not be a fan of the typical cabin layouts and want something a little more fun and quirky for your space, and interior cabins certainly have plenty of these fun little additions. Onboard most cruise ships you’ll find fun little decor additions and space saver beds that pull down and even paintings and other photos to make up for the lack of windows.

These are really great for travellers who want something a little different, but also a great deal at the same time.

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