Top 5 Cruising Trends for 2018

cruise holiday trends for 2018

It’s just a fact: Australians love cruising. For the past few years now, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLI) ( has named our country one of the fastest growing cruise markets in the entire world.

Every year, over a million Aussies go on a cruise, and one reason for that is obvious: the world of luxury cruising simply never stands still and stagnates.

So with the New Year upon us, what do cruise lovers have to look forward to in 2018?

1. More Millennials

The CLIA reports that more Australians than ever aged between 20 and 36 are jumping aboard a cruise ship.

The report said Millennials like it even more than a holiday on the land or a luxury resort. That’s due in part to cruise liners constantly refurbishing to cater for more demographics with things like sports and technology.

Cruises from P&O Australia tend to be very popular with this Millennial age group.

2. Brilliant food

Fine dining is no longer enough – a cruise ship is now a culinary adventure all of its own.

Internationally-inspired restaurants and dishes, and options for true healthy eating or restricted diets, are no longer a rare find aboard a cruise. Ships are also allowing passengers to custom design meals, indulge in the tastes of award-winning chefs, and explore local culinary adventures once you hit dry land.

The Celebrity Solstice cruise ship is a well know standout when it comes to serving up delicious food across it’s many fine restaurants and eateries.

3. Unprecedented entertainment

Cruise lines are constantly raising the bar and setting new standards with spectacular onboard entertainment.

Making the most of high technology, interactive venues and internationally-acclaimed shows and performances, today’s cruise lovers are immersed in the kind of entertainment you can’t get elsewhere. Cruise lines are also arranging off-ship destination experiences that explore local cultures more deeply and immersively.

Royal Caribbean is well known for its excellent entertainment offerings for cruise guests whilst onboard.

4. Wellness and healing

Cruise passengers no longer just want to unwind and be entertained – they want to be healed.

Fitness, healing and ‘wellness’ facilities and activities are hotter than ever, meaning that working out while cruising is no longer a swim or a treadmill session. It’s now a full mental and physical ‘next level’ recharge, with meditation and mindfulness courses, power yoga, off-board hikes, boot camps and more.

The Ovation of the Seas cruise ship is the newest ship from Royal Caribbean to visit Australia. The wellness classes they offer are second to none.

5. ‘Skip gen’ and breakup trips

Once upon a time, the typical cruiser was a retiree. Now, more and more of these retirees are ‘skipping a generation’ and cruising with their grandkids. Parents are busy with work and retiring baby boomers prioritise travel and spending time with grandchildren – which is how the ‘skip gen’ cruising trend began.

Another increasingly popular reason to cruise is a relationship breakup. People have always marked occasions like weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries by travelling. But more and more cruisers are unwinding and starting again aboard a cruise, after dealing with losing a partner through death or breakup and reaching for the transformational benefits of travelling.

The Carnival Legend is a cruise ship known for it’s sense of fun and is perfectly suited for families with children.

What’s next …

So as Christmas approaches, today is the perfect time to get on trend by booking one of the amazing cruises from Sydney.

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