The 5 Best Cruises for First Timers

If you’ve never planned a cruise, or taken one at all for that matter, the whole process can feel a little overwhelming. All the different slogans and cruises to choose from with phrases like ‘party boats’ and ‘cruises to nowhere’ makes everything start to look like a jumbled mess! But fear not! We’ve listed the top 5 cruises for first timers and we’re sure you’ll love them no matter which you choose!

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 below! We’ve listed who they’re best for too, to make it just a little bit easier.

P&O Cruises

Best Value

Although the P&O line does like to charge a little extra for certain things, like ice-cream by the pool or burgers, it definitely boasts some of the best cruising experiences thanks to the company’s major refurbishments. There are plenty of new menus, celebrity chef restaurants and even new cruise itineraries!

If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide or Fremantle then you’ll be glad to know that P&O vessels depart from all of these cities! That means you won’t even need to travel away from home to go on your first cruise. That’ll save you thousands on flights if you’re travelling as a family.

P&O is also a line that loves to fill as many of their cabins as possible, so you know what that means; deals! You can find off-season deals for cabins as low as just $100 twin share!


You’ll find that most of P&O’s ships aren’t new, but that hasn’t stopped them refurbishing them to gods. All of their cruise ships boast some of the best experiences you’ll find at sea. A lot of the food onboard is also covered by your fare too, a great saver.

Expect a 3.5 Star experience on P&O and you’ll be blown away.

Royal Caribbean International

Best for Families with Teens

If you choose to cruise with Royal Caribbean International you’ll find yourself saying, “Woah,” more than ever before. Every ship is decked out to the max featuring high-tech and innovative rides, extravagant dining options and more. You’ll even find ice-skating, surf simulators and rock climbing spread across multiple decks.

Travelling with kids on any Royal Caribbean ship will be a blast thanks to all of the amazing rides and experiences. There’s no chance of anyone being bored with skydive simulators, bumper cars and even zip lining.


Soon after boarding, you’ll discover the true magnitude of Royal Caribbeans cruise ships and the seemingly endless amenities and experiences. There’s no chance of being underwhelmed on any Royal cruise. Pricing on Royal Caribbean can be a little higher than the other lines, but it’s certainly good value.

Expect a 5 Star experience and you’ll still be blown away.

Carnival Cruise Line

Best for Families with Little Kids

Boasting mini waterslides, themed breakfasts, as well as plenty of fun activities in the kids’ club, will mean that keeping the little ones entertained on Carnival Cruises will be totally effortless. There are a few rides for older kids though, so they won’t be left out. The awesome SplashZone also takes traditional waterpark fun onboard. Great for everyone.

On top of the fun activities, Carnival also has a partnership with Seuss! That means the little ones can meet the Cat in the Hat and eat a Green Eggs and Ham themed breakfast! Hasbro also brings onboard awesome game shows and fun board games, as well as an IMAX theatre for everyone!

It’s not just about the kids though. There’s babysitting for kids from 11 pm to 1 am, for a fee, and that means adults are able to go out and have some fun whilst their kids are being well looked after.


Once you step onboard a Carnival cruise, the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing fun atmosphere! The experiences are designed to be exciting yet relaxing, for everyone. Packed with adults-only retreats and plenty for the kids, Carnival really is a place for everyone.

A 4 Star expectation is right on point for Carnival.

Princess Cruises

Best to Relax

The Princess line is massive. Boasting almost 20 vessels in their fleet and having been launched way back in the 60s as the original Love Boat cruise line has pushed Princess to be one of the most well-known lines with older folks. The line has 5 ships in Australia and it’s New Zealand’s leading cruise line.

Onboard a Princess cruise you’ll find countless pools, outdoor cinemas, several massive dining halls and even speciality restaurants throughout the ship. In the dining halls, you can enjoy a delicious steak from the Crown Grill steakhouse or you could head over to SHARE by Curtis Stone.

You’ll find plenty of adults-only spaces too, including pools and bars or even in your cabin with FREE room service!


Cruising with the Princess line means comfort and relaxation above all else. If you’re looking for a chill time rather than an upbeat adventure for the length of your cruise then you’ll be right at home here.

Expect a 4 Star experience for Princess Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises

Best for Opulence 

It’s no accident that people view Celebrity Cruises as a luxury cruise line. All of the experiences you find on a Celebrity cruise really are a cut above everyone else. The interior design in every cabin and deck throughout the ship is sophisticated and elegant, the total opposite of your typical adventure-looking party vessel.

You’ll find some of the most decadent dining options on Celebrity Cruises. Authentic and luxury Asian, Italian and French dishes are available in classically decorated restaurants that you’ll be sure to love. Once the sun sets though, things start to pick up aboard the ship. Theatre shows start, on deck parties begin and Martini bars open.

Celebrity Cruises are known to really take it there with the entertainment, so expect singers, awesome bars and everything exciting right at your fingertips. Nothing’s hidden on the sidelines, so you won’t miss anything.


If you’re cruising for opulence and to really just get away from it all on a luxury cruise, then there’s no better option than Celebrity Cruises.

Expect no less than a 4.5 Star experience.