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short cruise holidays from Sydney Australia

Once the reserve of the wealthy, going on a cruise is now something within just about everyone’s reach – and the skyrocketing popularity of this brilliant past-time is the proof of that.

Why are more people than ever before going on a cruise? In short, it’s simply the ultimate getaway. It’s a luxurious floating hotel that cruises from luxurious destination to luxurious destination. The entertainment is laid on, lifelong friends are easy to make, and the world comes to you without a single airport queue in sight. What’s not to love?

But despite these upsides and the soaring popularity of cruising, there are some who remain unconvinced. Cruising can take a chunk out of your calendar, it’s more expensive than a Big Mac meal, and some people just aren’t sure if they’ll love it as much as their friend or neighbour is raving about.

In 1972, George Harrison sang:

Way back in time,
Someone said “Try some”.
I tried some.
“Now buy some”.
I bought some.

He may as well have been singing about one of the short cruises from Sydney that depart all through the year.

Why try a short cruise from Sydney?

1. You’re light on time

Many people would actually love to dip a toe into the world of cruising, but have the impression that cruises are those things mainly indulged in by the wealthy and time-rich, or retirees.

A short cruise from Sydney is the perfect solution, because while some people with busy working weeks can only spare a weekend, others would simply prefer to have that mini-cruise all done and dusted within 3 or 4 days.

2. You’re light on money

Think cruise, and you’re probably also thinking ‘luxury’. And if your bank balance doesn’t scream luxury as well, then your conclusion is that luxury cruising is not for you.

But a short cruise is the perfect way to get a little luxury for a little price. Many new cruisers are stunned to discover the super low prices of a short cruise from Sydney – we’re talking not much more than $200. It’s the perfect way to feel like royalty but without the king’s ransom.

3. “Try some, buy some”

If cruising seems like a good idea but you’re new to this unfamiliar world, short cruises from Sydney are the perfect dip of the toe in those warm, welcoming waters.

Long cruises can cost thousands, but you can book a spot on a short cruise for a tiny fraction of that cost. It’s the perfect way to effectively ‘test drive’ the deeper world of cruising without forking out for something you only have a hunch you’ll really love.

Some worry that cruising might make them seasick, claustrophobic or bored, and short cruises are the perfect way for the discerning traveller to dip a toe in the water and discover that these things are little more than myths.

4. Start collecting cruise ships!

Don’t get us wrong – just because we’re talking about brilliant little mini-cruises doesn’t mean long cruises are a thing of the past.

But while a couple of weeks at sea will mean an endless itinerary of stops and things to see, some people might prefer to tick of cruise ships rather than cruise destinations!

Short cruises typically range in duration from 1 to 4 days, meaning you can start ticking different cruises and different ships off your bucket list. In the weeks ahead, short cruises from Sydney will be embarked upon by the Pacific Eden, the Golden Princess, the Pacific Explorer, Voyager of the Seas, Carnival Spirit, Explorer of the Seas, the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary 2, the Pacific Jewel, Ovation of the Seas – and we could go on.

Short cruises mean you can see more of the world from more of the world’s best cruise ships!

5. Take a punt

While a short cruise is a perfect choice for those new to the world of cruising, it’s also a popular option for seasoned cruisers as well.

Just like always picking your favourite dish from a menu, many seasoned cruisers absolutely love their favourite ship or their favourite cruise line, and their favourite destinations. But because we’re only talking about a handful of dollars and a few days, you can take a punt on a cruise you never thought you would enjoy and keep an open mind to being unexpectedly blown away.

Seasoned cruisers who typically stick with what they know will discover that the different ships, cruise lines and destinations will all offer completely different experiences. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have two, three or even more wildly different favourites on that same menu, does it?

6. Nip away for a celebration

There are plenty of reasons people say ‘Bon Voyage’ and opt for a longer cruise, and normally it’s to switch off and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But because they’re short, sweet and affordable, short cruises from Sydney are popular not only with busy people, but also younger people looking for a cool way to sail away a Hens Party celebration or an 18th or 21st birthday bash.

Short cruises are also brilliant for younger families with children – because many parents don’t love the thought of weeks on the same ship with their little delights. And unlike many longer cruises that are marketed to the older generations and couples, short cruises are normally family friendly with facilities, activities and entertainment that will keep the kids smiling.

7. Discover your doorstep

Finally, we think short cruise holidays leaving from the port of Sydney are simply the perfect way to take a closer look at our brilliant doorstep here in Australia. Think ‘cruise’ and you may be thinking of faraway, paradise destinations across the high seas, but a short cruise will take you to local and picturesque ports like Moreton Island, or a novel hop to another major city.

8. Last Minutes Short Cruises from Sydney

The secret is finally out with last minute cruise deals. Once the domain of serious cruise lovers, nowadays more and more first cruise passengers are realizing the great cost savings that can be had by grabbing a last minute cruise from Sydney. These types of cruises are often heavily discounted by the cruises lines, as they most often prefer to sell any remaining cabins at a lower cost than usual rather than see the ship set sail with empty cabins. With Sydney having more cruise departures than any other city in Australia, grabbing one of these last minute deals is always a strong possibility.

Last word …

There’s so much to see, and the perfect place to start is right here with plenty of cruise holidays departing from Sydney to choose from. Save your pennies and your time and take a punt on a brand new adventure by booking your first short cruise today.

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