Royal Caribbean: Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean - Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s largest ever flagship cruise liner, the 362-meter long behemoth Symphony of the Seas, has finally set sail on its inaugural Mediterranean voyage after spending 3 years in construction.

Home to some of the best attractions that any cruise ship has to offer, including laser tag, water slides, ice skating, Broadway shows and true carnival rides, Symphony of the Seas is a game changer when it comes to vacation cruising.

Proudly standing at more than 72 meters tall and just under a quarter mile long, Symphony of the Seas had already begun breaking records before it even set sail. Cruise-goers will be able to connect to the fastest internet available at sea via the ship’s connection to Royal Caribbean’s VOOM satellite network, making staying connected whilst aboard effortless. The ship is also draped in countless paintings and artworks and is home to more than 12,000 trees and plants.

Balwin Yeung, Royal Caribbean’s sales and marketing director touted the size of the ship as one of the “most surprising and memorable,” things about it. In fact, the ship is so large that it was clearly visible from Barcelona’s airport more than 6km away from the dock.

When at full capacity Symphony of the Seas is home to over 6,680 guests and more than 2,200 crew, making it by far the most densely populated ship afloat. Dotted along the cruise liners’ decks are more than 22 restaurants and other dining options, 24 pools and more than 2,700 cabins, all of which offer floor-to-ceiling virtual views of the sea outside. So technically speaking, every single room onboard Symphony of the Seas is a room with a view, which is also another record-breaking feat.

Even though Royal Caribbean is no stranger to super-sized cruise ships, Yeung highlighted that Symphony of the Seas wasn’t simply just another massive cruise liner, but rather one that really “pushes the envelope,” in every way with regards to its gigantic size and amenity offering.

The ship’s suites, in particular, the Ultimate Family Suite is one of the most luxurious and largest private rooms that any cruise ship in the world has to offer. Spread across two massive floors and fitted with an in-suite slide, table tennis, air hockey table and a spacious balcony it is by far one of the most opulent suites that money can buy.

Symphony of the Seas’ featured packed experience is spread across 18 individual decks, all with different layouts and designs and toward the upper levels there are seven distinct neighbourhoods which help the cruise liner seem even larger. Passengers discovering the entire ship will be assisted by the 24 elevators spread across each floor and Royal Caribbean touts that the layout of both elevator and neighbourhoods ensure that crowds are kept as sparse as possible.

The ship has begun sailing the Mediterranean and its first stops are planned to be in Palma de Mallorca in Spain to Florence, Rome, Naples and Pisa before the company starts changing routes to service the American markets.

Not only is Symphony of the Seas one of the most majestic super cruise liners you can experience, but it’s also affordable for many people. Featuring prices that start at just over $600 means many cruise lovers will be well within the price range of the new cruise liner.

So there you have it. The worlds newest supersized cruise liner has now coast off on her maiden voyage through the Mediterranean showcasing all that Royal Caribbean Cruises and Europe’s famous Italian and Spanish coastlines have to offer before heading on to Miami and the Bahamas towards the end of the year.