P&O Australia Comedy Cruises in 2018

P&O Australia comedy cruises - Dave Hughes

If you ever get a few days to spare, you have a sense of adventure and a love of the sea, and your idea of a night of entertainment is a hearty giggle, then you’re going to love the comedy cruises that P&O Australia has on offer in the near future.

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Often, a luxury cruise is all about cocktails, glamour and luxury – but P&O’s ‘The Big Laugh‘ is much more about side-splitting LOLs.

What’s just been launched is nothing short of the biggest festival of laughs you can possibly find on the high seas, kicking off in June next year aboard Pacific Explorer.

If you’re dubious it’s going to be all it’s cracked up to be, just wait until you see the star lineup.

We’re talking big comedy names like Jimeoin, the Irishman who had Aussies in stitches in the 90s. Matt Okine, a well-known Australian standup comedian, is another rib-tickler signed up by P&O, as well as the unforgettable Scared Weird Little Guys, and the unmistakable Dave Callan.

But there’s over a dozen other big name comics who will also deliver wall-to-wall laughs over no less than 36 shows – that’s over 2000 minutes of jokes in total that will set off on the four-night festival from Sydney next June.

P&O Australia Comedy Cruise lineup for 2018

However, ‘The Big Laugh’ is only just the beginning. Over 2018 and 2019, P&O will put to the high seas no fewer than 72 specialised comedy cruises.

But the fun will actually get started this week, with Pacific Explorer departing Sydney on 14 December for a three-nighter. On board will be Dave Hughes, who is one of Australia’s most respected funny men.

Excellent standups Claire Hooper – who you may know from Good News Week – and Harley Breen will also appear, providing a taste of what can be expected over the 34 comedy cruises offered by P&O next year.

P&O Australia comedy cruises - Clare Hooper

In 2018, you can then pick from two, three or four night P&O comedy cruises, which leave not only from Sydney but also Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Cairns.

And the laughs will get even more intense for 2019, with more comedy cruises – 38 – on the menu than ever before in Australian cruising history.

“Aussies and Kiwis are renowned for their great sense of humour and our guests love comedy,” said P&O Cruises president Sture Myrmell.

“It’s been a hugely successful part of our itineraries, with 650 shows now performed across our fleet each year. That’s nearly two comedy shows a day – a figure to rival comedy clubs around the country,” he added.

Comedy cruises are highly popular among cruising newcomers and those with limited budgets or time.

P&O Cruises has been in the comedy cruising game since 2009, with top stars like Tom Gleeson, Mick Meredith, Joel Ozborn, Fiona McGary and countless others headlining shows, workshops, guest judging panels and more.

“Since 2009 we’ve delivered 99 dedicated comedy cruises with over 600 comedians, delivering more than 30,000 jokes and entertaining over 170,000 guests,” Mr Myrmell continued.

“By the end of 2019, we’ll have carried out close to 200 comedy cruises, making P&O the biggest provider of comedy Down Under.”

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